Text Message Marketing For Real Estate

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Uses Sign2Cell?
A: Our service is great for Real Estate Agents (or brokers), Residential & Commercial Property Managers, Home Builders, Developers, etc.

Does Sign2Cell Require A Contract?
A: Absolutely not! You can cancel at anytime if you’re unhappy with the service. Your credit card will be billed for the month in advance. We do not prorate monthly charges if you decide to cancel.

What Is A Property Code?
A: When you signup for our service, you will choose a "prefix".  Our system will automatically give you a batch of property codes based on that prefix.  For example, if you choose the prefix HOME, our system will create the codes HOME1, HOME2, HOME3, etc.  You will assign one of these codes to one of your active listings.  The property code is what the prospective buyer/renter will put in the body of their text message when requesting information about your listing.  Your prefix and codes are unique to you. If another Agent using our service has selected that prefix, it will not be available for other Agents to use.

What Number Will Prospects Text My Property Code To?
 A: All property codes will be texted to "77039".

How Many Property Codes Do I Get?
A: Please refer to the Pricing page. The Individual Agent Basic Package gives you 20 property codes and the Premier Package gives you 50.  Agents that are on one of the Broker/Office Plans have unlimited property codes. 

Can I Reuse The Property Codes?
A: Of course! As soon as one of your listings is sold or becomes inactive, you simply assign that code to another property or keep it unassigned until you take a new listing.

If I'm A Broker, Do I Have To Signup For the Broker / Office Plan?
A: No.  The Broker/Office plan is strictly for brokers that want to offer our service to their agents.  This means the broker will be responsible for paying for the monthly/annual service.  If a broker just wants to use our service for their personal listings, the Individual Agent Plans are the perfect fit.

How Many Property Pictures / Videos Can I Upload?
A: You are able to upload 10-30 pictures for each property, depending which plan you choose. Your pics will be included on a mobile website that is linked in the text message each prospective client receives after their inquiry. You will also have the ability to link a virtual tour to each listing.

Do I Get Charged Per Lead or Message?
A: No. All of our plans include unlimited leads and messaging. The monthly subscription fee is all you will ever pay. No hidden charges or surprises!

Does The Potential Buyer/Renter Incur Charges When Texting My Property Code For Info?
A: We do not charge your customers for using the service. Of course, their mobile service provider fees will apply.

How Am I Notified Of New Leads?
A: You will be immediately notified of a new lead by text message and/or email. The notification will include the lead's contact info as well as the property they inquired about.

Do You Provide Me With Sign Riders or Banner Signs?
A: Yes. Our goal is to make the Sign2Cell program 100% turnkey for you.  Please check the Pricing page for the number of sign riders included in each package.  However, sign riders are not the only place you should be using your property codes.  To maximize the results of the Sign2Cell program, you should be advertising your property codes on ALL online and offline marketing efforts you choose for your listings.

Do You Offer a Free Trial?
A: You bet! On all of our paid packages we offer a FREE 14 Day Trial. This allows enough time for you to choose your property codes, setup your listings and order your sign riders or banners. You can cancel the service at anytime during the free trial. Your credit card will be billed on the 15th day after you signup and every month thereafter.  If you have 5 listings or less, you can always signup for our FREE plan and upgrade when you acquire more listings or need additional features.

Do You Offer QR Codes?
A: At this time we don’t offer QR Codes. The reason for this is the lack of tracking that QR Codes allows. Sign2Cell is a tool for you to generate leads. If a prospective buyer/renter scans a QR Code off the sign, there is no way to track the user’s mobile number or request. Therefore, we would simply be offering the codes as an added benefit to the buyer/renter with no upside to you. There are many uses for QR Codes but lead generation and tracking in this instance is not one of them.

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