Text Message Marketing For Real Estate

How Sign2Cell Works

Step #1: Create Your Property Codes

When you signup, you will choose a prefix for your property codes. People often choose their initials or first or last name. Our system will then automatically assign all of your codes based on that prefix.

Step #2: Order Your Sign Riders


You can download our sign rider template and forward to your preferred print vendor.  Or you can order signs directly from us within your back office.  If you order from us, your signs should arrive in approx 5-7 business days.

Step #3: Add Your Property Listing(s)


Adding a property listing takes less than 5 minutes.  You’ll simply input basic property info, upload up to 30 property pics and can link a virtual tour.

Step #4: Hang Your Sign Rider


Put your sign rider on your For Sale sign and watch the automated lead system go to work.  You should also advertise each listing’s property code on all other marketing material or outlets such as: newspaper classifieds, magazine ads, online listings, MLS descriptions, etc.

Step #5: Property Info Automatically Distributed


Potential buyers/renters will text the property code to 77039 from their mobile phone and instantly get a response that includes property info, your contact info and a link that directs them to a mobile website specifically for that property.  The mobile site will consist of the property description, photos and virtual tour link. Our system automatically creates this mobile site for every property listing you create.

Step #6: Follow Up.  Make More Money


You will be instantly notified by text message and/or email when a prospect inquires about one of your listings.  This will allow you to follow up, answer any questions and acquire a new client.

Text Messaging Will Remain The Most Popular Form of Communication Well Into 2017

  • 98% of Text Messages are read within 4 minutes.  Only 22% of emails, 29% of tweets and 12% of facebook posts are EVER read
  • 74% of all US mobile users say text messaging is the feature they use most on their phones
  • 87% of people have their phones within arms reach all day 
  • 76% of people sleep next to their cell phones